Sunday Sermon Podcast Episode 40: Trump’s golden plane, bothering Patti Smith and eating 1916 jelly-babies


Hello all.

This week I bothered Patti Smith the minute before she went on stage to collect Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for literature, myself and Mick Lowry work out the aeronautical practicalities of building Herr Trump’s Air Force Ein out of solid gold. I also talk about my upcoming tribute to 1916 when I plan to eat 1,916 jelly-babies at Christmas Day Mass.

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Giles Brody

Giles is a comedy fellow from Athenry, Co. Galway. He's written jokes for "Irish Pictorial" and also wrote/directed the RTE Storyland series "Student Teacher". He co-hosts the monthly comedy show "The Mess Around" with his friend Colin Chadwick in The Workman's, Dublin. Giles helped devise an early incarnation of "The Alison Spittle Show", wrote the theatrical farce "Couples Counselling", was choked on "Republic Of Telly" and recently played Barry Man the barman in RTE's sitcom "Nowhere Fast". Giles is currently co-writing the animated adventure show "Divine Consultants" with Adam Cullen and creator Juha Fiilin for YTV.