The Road To The Toy Show: Episode 3


Last week Neil from the hip-hop group The Murder Party tied up the line on Dundalk FM while a riot kicked off that’s still raging a week later.

DJ Danny O’Hanlon has been made the scapegoat by Mayor Ray Niceman but can Danny’s former agent Nicky Fallon save the day?

Can Danny restore his good name by getting The Murder Party on The Late Toy Show? Will Deputy Mayor Ebineezer Walsh’s dog boxing secret get out? Will the Adam Clayton-starring guided mediation lead to relaxation?

And can Danny forgive Nicky for the time he made him dress up as a leprechaun and tried to get him to eat dog food out of Trump’s hand as part of The White House’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations…

“The Road To The Toy Show” is by and with Giles Brody & Danny O’Hanlon.

Special thanks to journalist Colin Chadwick for permission to use an extract from his broadcast about the Dundalk riots.

Giles Brody

Giles is a comedy fellow from Athenry, Co. Galway. He's written jokes for "Irish Pictorial" and also wrote/directed the RTE Storyland series "Student Teacher". He co-hosts the monthly comedy show "The Mess Around" with his friend Colin Chadwick in The Workman's, Dublin. Giles helped devise an early incarnation of "The Alison Spittle Show", wrote the theatrical farce "Couples Counselling", was choked on "Republic Of Telly" and recently played Barry Man the barman in RTE's sitcom "Nowhere Fast". Giles is currently co-writing the animated adventure show "Divine Consultants" with Adam Cullen and creator Juha Fiilin for YTV.